{the ease with which we dreamt}

21 Oct

I’m reminiscent today of childhood; I have a few children clients, and their view of the world is astounding. They are amazing observers, but things tend to get lost in translation.  Lately though I am more interested in their ability to dream; their plans for life are what an adult would call grandiose, but they only see potential. I vaguely remember that kind of dreaming, the kind of making plans for a life that is possible only when the anchor of responsibilities and rent to pay isn’t weighing down. It’s much easier to dream with ‘grown ups’ footing the bill and tucking us in safe at night – decisions made for us, and crisis solved. I miss that limitless dreaming; days spent becoming a ballerina or an astronaut. I miss the ease with which I dreamt when dreaming was all I had to do. 


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